President Tonya Kirkwood
Vice President Angi Mathenia
Secretary Linda Trichel;
Treasurer Kim Gezley
At Large Channing Taylor

Homeowners, if you prefer to receive SNA correspondence, including covenant, condition and restriction (CC&R) violation notices, by email, please email and provide your name, email address, and Summerfield address (and residential address if you are leasing your Summerfield property).

Your email address will not be shared with other homeowners other than SNA board members. If you elect to receive emails from SNA and SNA emails a CC&R violation notice to you, you must acknowledge you received it by replying within three (3) days of the date the email was sent or SNA will send a certified letter.



The SNA Board meets monthly. Board Meetings are open to the public and minutes are available here on the website and if requested in paper format by the board.

SNA December 2022 Minutes

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Board Meeting Dates 2023

March 20

June 19 (Annual Meeting and Election of New Board of Directors)

September 18th

December 18th