Proxy form for Board Meetings

Future Board Meeting Dates 2023

September 18th

All at 7 PM at the Medina Civic Center, 112 N. Main Street (downtown)

Homeowners, if you prefer to receive SNA correspondence, including covenant, condition and restriction (CC&R) violation notices, by email, please email —  and provide your name, email address, and Summerfield address (and residential address if you are leasing your Summerfield property).

Your email address will not be shared with other homeowners other than SNA board members. If you elect to receive emails from SNA and SNA emails a CC&R violation notice to you, you must acknowledge you received it by replying within three (3) days of the date the email was sent or SNA will send a certified letter.

Welcome to the homeowner’s association for the Summerfield subdivision located in the city limits of Medina, Tennessee, north of Middle School Road.

Under development since 2005, Summerfield is a family-oriented community!